Contact, credits and methodology of the Olbin Publication Database


Please contact :
the publication members led by Alain Chelli for any remark about the content of the database,
the JMMC User Support for any issue using the associated web pages.


  • Past Editors
    • Peter Lawson and Fabien Malbet
  • Past Trainees
    • Esther Taillifet (dec 2009) supervised by Fabien Malbet & Guillaume Mella : Moved html pages edited by Peter Lawson on to a database and generated pages.
    • Stephane Vedel (april 2015) supervised by Guillaume Mella : Fix CSS and HTML according to shutdown.
This web service is developped and maintained by the JMMC technical group. Hosting is provided by OSUG/UGA.

A poster (2010) gives some more technical and rationale details:


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