Database of Publications in Stellar Optical Interferometry

   The OLBIN interactive interferometry publication database includes all refereed papers related to optical long baseline interferometry referenced in ADS and aims at being as complete as possible. If you notice that a paper is missing please send the ADS bibcode to the webmaster and any other useful information.

   Basic information from ADS (title, list of authors, year of publication) is enriched by tags such as the category of the publication (Astrophysical results, Catalogs, Instrumentation, Review papers, Theory and predictions, Related papers), the name of the interferometer facility, the name of the instrument, the type of object observed, etc. Just click on the "Tag List" button for the complete list of tags.
OLBIN refereed papers get its own ADS library. If you get an ADS account you can subscribe to some lists and be notified on future updates, by an email notification (visit OLBIN library ).
All the database contents can be downloaded as one spreadsheet file, in CSV format for your own use (e.g. for plotting graphics).

Histograms and other Graphics

Series of automatic displays that illustrate the current content of the database.


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Other graphics are provided by external tools for visualizing the distribution of the publications over different criteria:

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